St. Ives Golf Club slideshow

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Project Details:

Client: St Ives Golf Club
Location: St Ives, Cambridgeshire
Contract Period: 2006-2009
Contract Value: £3 million

The club at St. Ives was a complex project, which we were responsible for from inception, through planning and construction to completion. It has given us an opportunity to design an entire environment consisting of the approach road, parking areas, service areas and three separate buildings out of a flat windswept site. We worked closely with a great landscape architect.

The main club building needed to provide a refuge from the incessant winds and create a strong individual character. Connecting in different ways to the outdoor environment – long views, short views, courtyard views, sunny areas, shaded areas. In a way it needed to not be so efficient a building, but one with irregularities, full of places which would be appealing to different people and differing numbers of people. The golf range practice building is long, low and simple striking a long line across the landscape. It relates to the main club in materials but has a different character reflecting its use.